Drive Campaigns

Create ideas and manage campaigns like never before.

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One platform to host all your ideas.

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Run Campaigns

Customize your campaign and discover award-winning ideas.

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Sync with VISION

Bring ideas to fruition when you transfer award winners to the VISION platform to track and manage.


Visionaries use the Mobilize VOLTAGE advanced campaign tool to enable the creation of ideas, management, engagement, and analysis of engagement data.


Draft, publish, and host ideas all in one platform.

run campaigns

Customize campaigns and gather award-winning ideas.

Why Voltage?

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Download the data that drives your campign.

Sync with VISION

Sync award winners with VISION to track and manage development into an initiative.

Launch within Minutes

Customize and launch a campaign faster than ever.

Enable Voting

Allow managers, organization members, or the public to vote for winners.

Unlimited Ideas

Create and host all of your ideas in one platform. Enter your ideas into one or one hundred campaigns.

Automated Communication

With built-in automations, campaign managers and participants are always in the know.


As part of a larger suite, VOLTAGE is the first step to scale ideas