Mission Effectiveness Magnified

The Joint Innovation System (JINS) Powering Collaboration Across the DoD.

Mobilize Product Suite Icons
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Advanced campaign tool that enables the creation of ideas, management, engagement, and analysis of engagement data.

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Progress innovation and improvement solutions while providing leadership essential strategic foresight across the landscape.

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Industry Connection

Source industry solutions from this digital catalog of companies ready to collaborate with the DoD.

The Premier Suite for Mobilizing Mission Collaboration

How to Use the Suite

Start with an Idea

Discover the best ideas by running campaigns in VOLTAGE. Once winners are selected, transfer the idea to VISION with a single click to track development.

Drive an Initiative

Once in VISION, users can collaborate on an initiative, find funding, and connect with stakeholders to drive the initiative over the finish line.

Source Industry Solutions

Use VELOCITY to search a digital catalog of industry solutions and chat with POCs for seamless communication without overloading your inbox.

4 Branches

Have implemented one or all products in Mobilize’s Strategic Coordination Suite.

2,500+ Initiatives

Driven by users.

600+ SBIR Companies

Available for partnerships.

Ideas, Innovations, Improvements

From concept to continuous process improvement.

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