Built for cross-functional teams to gain strategic foresight, advance projects, and allocate resources while syncing innovation and improvement portfolios.

Built for Innovation and Improvement

Get a snapshot of projects and initiatives at any level

Transparent collaboration opportunities and analytics

Drive projects as a team with a built-in kanban board and chat

Innovation and improvement resources and events

Secure platform - IL4 environment and CAC-enabled sign-in

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Basic VISION Mockup - Innovation

Feature Breakdown

Create + Collaborate on Initiatives

Submit a project in 6 steps

Invite users to collaborate on your initiative

Utilize lean project management with kanban boards

Chat with your team inside the app

Track ROI, funding, and more

Explore Initiatives

Search the ecosystem

Favorite projects to follow progress

Browse the hot list - projects with the most followers

Invite other users to join your project

Export data in a spreadsheet for easy offline analysis*

*Manager Capability

Manage Initiatives

Host your innovation and improvement portfolio*

Drive projects - manage tasks, direct progress, and chat*

Import up to 100 projects at once*

*Manager Capability‚Äč

Data + Analytics

Track data critical to making decisions such as resources and RIO

Advanced filters make it easy to see data from top to bottom

Export data for offline analysis

Strategic Collaboration

Confidence scoring calculate top similar initiatives for each project

Reach out to other teams with similar initiatives

Connect and collaborate within any set of matching initiatives

Resources + Events

Find resources and events related to innovation and improvement, processes, and more

Explore by title and filter by technology type and the organization

Favorite resources for easy access

Browse the Hot List: the top 5 favorited resources

Managers create resources: articles, documents, videos, and events*

*Manager Capability


Infrastructure modular system built to scale

Secure hosting foundational structures

L clearance IL2 staging and IL4 production

Authentication CAC enabled single sign on (SSO)

Tiered permissions