Mobilize Presents 2022 VISION Awards: The Spectrum Award

2022 Spectrum Award

We present the Spectrum Award to super-connectors, people who link others together to find solutions and create positive change.

Awardee: Bernadette Simmons of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Awardee: Bernadette Simmons of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Many people working on defense innovation wonder if they’re making a difference, Bernadette Simmons doesn’t. She sees the positive results of her innovation efforts every day. Thanks to her tenacity and VISION, the Airmen she serves don’t worry about their efforts getting stuck in “the frozen middle”- even though they are stationed in frigid Alaska.

Bernadette comes from a long line of military service, becoming the fourth-generation to serve our nation. She has over 20 years under her belt, but she didn’t stop there. Her dedication to serving Airmen led her to take on the role of Continuous Improvement and Innovation (Ci2) Management and Program Analyst at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska where she coordinates and tracks innovation efforts within the command. From newly assigned Airman to unit commanders, Bernadette ensures everyone knows about the ongoing innovation and collaboration efforts. She personally briefed over 700 Airmen last year.

Once Bernadette accessed VISION, she started generating even more impact. The very first time Bernadette logged in, she found a project another base was developing to improve the way they managed real property. She knew a unit at her base had the same problem, so she made the connection and helped the Alaska Airmen sign up to be beta users of the new software.

Bernadette didn’t stop there; using VISION, Bernadette also collaborated with with Eglin Air Force Bacse on their “Automated hanger cleaner” project and bring it to JBER. It’s not every day, a great idea travels from beautiful frozen Alaska to sunny Florida, but VISION makes it possible.

Bernadette is quick to point to her Command’s commitment to doing the right things better. By fully supporting tools like VISION, the Command team demonstrates that innovation is a priority rather than a buzzword. We asked Bernadette why she cared so much about making collaborative connections, “I just love taking care of my Airmen”.

VISION is proud to help Bernadette do what she loves!

“We used to keep all the information about our innovation projects in a database, but when a person would leave, it would break, and we’d lose it.  But now with VISION, there’s documentation for all of our innovation projects that will last even when someone leaves.”