The Mobilize Manifesto

The Mobilize Manifesto

At Mobilize we are driven by one question: what can technology make possible for humanity?

When imagining the future of technology, people are all too often left out of the equation. At Mobilize we believe that technology has no purpose without people, and we keep the community we serve in mind every step of the way. 

We have an ambitious vision, but we have an even greater accountability to the world. We believe that we are the architects of our own future, and great technology will enable us to build it. 

Here at Mobilize we have 5 tenets that shape our approach to everything we do:

  1. Think like others won’t

We are lovers of ideas. Ideas that are bigger, bolder, and stranger; the ones that will challenge our way of thinking, and push us to see things that no one else can. 

  1. Let the experts be the experts

We live in the age of mass misinformation. And we believe that the best antidote for misinformation is trusting our experts. An organization is optimized when people work on what they know best, and a community is optimized when its members heed the advice of those who are experts in their field. 

  1. Fail fast, but do no harm

Eric Reis’ transformative concept “fail fast ” has changed the way people do business over the past decade. Reis has encouraged start-ups to stay lean, and to not be afraid of failure, but to learn from it – and to learn fast.

While we believe that failing fast spurns growth, we abide by the concept with a caveat. Do no harm. Too often fast-failing businesses leave a wake of chaos behind them. For us, it’s important to be constantly aware of the impact of our choices, and make sure that we are doing right by people in everything we do. 

  1. Stay solution oriented

Technology exists to solve problems. Human problems. That’s why our mission is to always stay solution oriented. This means an understanding of the greatest issues facing humanity, and a commitment to building tech that allows us to solve them.

  1. Be relentless in our pursuit for excellence

Excellence is our standard, and we expect nothing less of ourselves. We know that excellence doesn’t come easy. But we’re committed to a relentless pursuit of dreaming bigger, achieving greater, and working harder every single day. 

Join us in mobilizing our collective humanity.

With joy, with power, with possibility, and with grit, we bring this manifesto to life.