5 Ways to Get Quick Wins With VISION

A healthy organization is one that is constantly adapting – it’s why we’re now seeing organizations place a bigger emphasis on innovation and improvements than ever before. 

A recent study found that 84% of organizations considered innovation key to their growth plans. However, the same study found that only 6% of those leaders were satisfied with their innovation performance.

So why is there such a stark difference between innovation goals and what they’re achieving? The truth is that while many claim to prioritize innovation, most don’t have the tools and infrastructures that truly enable it.  

VISION is a Strategic Coordination System (SCS) that makes innovation and improvements simple. We worked alongside over 100 military stakeholders to build a program that addresses the unique needs of the military. The intial customization of VISION was built by the DoD, for the DOD.

We enable users to collaborate with other teams, regardless of location or branch, with tools that save time and promote growth. Here are 5 ways that your initiatives can get quick wins with VISION.

1. Deduplication of Data

Nothing slows down a project like redundancies in data. 

Duplication occurs when your data is stored in multiple places, increasing the likelihood of errors. This faulty data makes it difficult for your project to get off the ground and nearly  impossible to scale. Unfortunately, redundant and missing data are common when trying to coordinate initiatives across multiple branches with people worldwide. 

VISION “deduplifies” data, meaning you can trust that the information you’re collecting is correct and accessible all in one place. This helps initiatives run smoother and will save you hours of manually fixing that data yourself. 

2. Information Transparency

All the information about an initiative can be found on our user-friendly dashboard. Our dashboard features information such as:

  • ROI and current budget
  • Managers, collaborators, and team members
  • The problems and solutions of the initiative 
  • Helpful tags that enable  you to find similar projects

With VISION, you won’t have to send a million back-and-forth emails to learn about the project – everything is transparent from the beginning.

3. Increase Participation and Morale

Research shows that teams are most satisfied at work when they have strong relationships, can see their efforts’ impact, and focus on professional growth

Getting involved with an innovative project can help promote all three aspects of work life. VISION is currently helping members of the Air Force, Space Force, Air National Guard, and Army National Guard do just that.

We’ve made it easier than ever to find and create new projects, and as a result, more people are getting involved in a meaningful way.

4. Connect With People From All Over the World

Historically it’s been hard to communicate effectively between branches; it’s even harder when those people are spread out around dozens of time zones all over the world.

Trying to coordinate an initiative with members from different bases and branches? Nearly impossible

VISION makes this coordination process simpler and more effective. Our advanced search function allows you to search for more than just names of specific initiatives and doesn’t limit you to your own base or branch. Instead, we enable members to find projects that match your skills, interests, and availability by providing filters such as:


  • Base
  • Organization Type
  • Tags
  • Technology

And once you’ve joined a project, our chat feature allows everyone involved to stay in the loop. That means fewer emails and more voices participating in the conversation. Engagement and collaboration improve, and the headache of global coordination hassles disappear.

5. Advanced Reporting

Want to know how well your project is doing? We offer easy-to-understand analytics that tracks metrics like growth, funding, and other trends over time. 

We also provide more advanced reporting features that allow users to find other projects that rank similarly based on their engagement, procedures, and classification. This allows for easy collaboration amongst groups and helps users find similar initiatives they might want to get involved with. 

If you are an Air Force, Space Force, Air National Guard, or Army National Guard member who wants to be part of VISION, create an account here.

If you are an Air National Guard member who wants to be part of VISION, create an account.

Not part of the VISION ecosystem but want to learn more? We want to hear from you! Schedule a demo with one of the experts behind Mobilize VISION.