Army National Guard Accelerates Initiatives Using VISION

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Mobilize is excited to announce the onboarding of the Army National Guard into the Mobilize VISION platform. This partnership will allow Army National Guard members to collaborate not only across their organization, but also with every other branch within the platform – including the Air Force, Air National Guard, and Space Force.

Because the Army National Guard protects both communities at home and abroad, integrated deterrence and accelerating force development are even more essential to the organization.

Army National Guard will use VISION for a range of services, including:

  • Tracking and managing innovation and improvement initiatives
  • Collaborating with other Army National Guard members and other service branches through the VISION platform
  • Tracking project funding and ROI to gather leadership support
  • Gathering strategic insights from across the VISION ecosystem to reduce redundant efforts and resources

Mobilize and Army National Guard are excited to move forward with this partnership. These services enable collaboration across the DoD, creating a space for innovation and improvement across the Air Force, Space Force, and Air National Guard.

If you are an Army National Guard member who wants to be part of VISION, create an account.

Not part of the VISION ecosystem but want to learn more? We want to hear from you! Schedule a demo with one of the experts behind Mobilize VISION.