Mobilize VISION Brief – June 2022

Monthly Brief June 222

Mobilize VISION: Strategic Coordination System (SCS)
Innovation and improvement platform that DoD members use to: connect, collaborate, and scale.

The Mobilize VISION system is a scalable, data-driven solution tailored to the specific needs of military innovation and continuous process improvements. By bringing together visionaries from throughout the DoD, the implementation of VISION cements a legacy of cooperation and advancement.

Mobilize is excited to announce that VISION is on its way to Mission DoD-wide 2022 with the addition of the Army National Guard and Air National Guard. They will join the Air Force and Space Force in a single system to scale innovation and stay ahead of our adversaries.


US Space Force Logo
US Air National Guard
US Army National Guard Logo
Space Force, Air National Guard, and Army National Guard Join the Air Force in VISION!

It’s official: the Space Force, Air National Guard, and Army National Guard are all live within VISION! Members can now sign up and start collaborating with other VISION users using the link:

Features Released This Month
Feature Mockup - Kanban
Advanced Kanban Board

The task management feature has been updated to an advanced Kanban-sprint style board.

Feature Mockup - Organization Structure
Organizational Structure

VISION has an expansive organizational structure and this month it got an upgrade! Through a dropdown menu, VISION users can see valuable data such as the organization’s ancestry. This update makes it easier for users to know exactly where they are sending their projects as they submit them in VISION.

Refinements Released This Month
  • Explore Innovations: Users can now filter the projects by selecting multiple tags.
  • Pulse Analytics: Updated to allow for any organization to see the impact and pulse of their projects.

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