Case Study: Tesseract Leverages Proven Software Solution Using VISION

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“By establishing these connections through VISION, we onboarded around 3,000 new users who immediately began utilizing these software tools. This was a huge win for our team and the Air Force because it expedited getting capability into the hands of warfighters and ultimately avoided duplicate investment of resources.”

Colin Dziadaszek, Deputy Chief, Concept Integration Branch, Tesseract AF


Tesseract’s unique value proposition to the Air Force is their ability to take Airmen Approved ideas, codify them into policy, and scale and sustain the innovation across people, process, technology, and the budget. Because Tesseract is nestled in the Air Staff Logistics Directorate, they are positioned where decisions are made on how to develop human capital, update policy, and set functional demand signals to the Air Force corporate structure, whereas a large proportion of the innovation ecosystem is spread across a variety of entities which do not directly write or influence policy decisions. 

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Tesseract needed a way to effectively communicate their initiative to leverage an existing aircraft scheduling capability to more units. 


Because teams that would benefit from the aircraft scheduling capability had virtually no way to discover this tool, teams across the world all used different approaches, resulting in the same problems that were eliminated by the tool. 


Tesseract set out on a mission to spread the word, collaborate in a mission-critical space, and deduplicate efforts by implementing existing technical capabilities. By using VISION, Tesseract implemented one solution across the Air Force and now has the capabilities to drive initiatives with unlimited collaboration

  1. Explore makes existing capabilities as easy to find as a quick Google search.
    With VISION Explore, Tesseract is now able to discover existing solutions anad collaborate with teams and units that would otherwise not have known this initiative existed.
    VISION Explore enables teams to normalize their data for easy searching and includes dynamic keywords, organizations, bases, technology types, function areas, date ranges, and status filters to engage users in a powerful home base for discovery.
  2. Initiative management, teams, and chat bring it all together.
    Using VISION’s management capabilities, Tesseract was able to create a collaborative approach to manage initiatives and Air Force unit access in the same place as the communications, asset management, and tasks. With the ability to link ROI to each initiative, Tesseract is able to track and quickly report measures. 


With the help of VISION, Tesseract is able to effectively visualize objectives and create visibility surrounding capability updates for Airmen around the globe.

“VISION is proof that the Air Force needs a tool that encourages collaboration and allows Airmen to solve their problems as a collective. Let’s go farther together instead of faster alone.””

Colin Dziadaszek, Deputy Chief, Concept Integration Branch, Tesseract AF

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