Mobilize Launches the VELOCITY Connector

May 25, 2022,  Mobilize announced the VELOCITY Connector, the most connected showcase of products and services advancing our nation’s security. This showcase exists within the Virtual Innovation Support Integration Operations Network (VISION), the state-of-art collaboration software platform that the US Air Force, Air National Guard, Space Force, and Army National Guard use to drive initiatives. 

CEO Jade Baranski shared, “After 3+ years of connecting with Air Force teams through innovation support, training, keynotes, and workshops – we finally connected with the right people to move to our Phase 1 SBIR (and haven’t slowed down one bit). I’m incredibly proud of our team and the progress, and we know that we can make it easier for other teams just like ours to connect with their most aligned teams.”

The VELOCITY Connector is the place for companies to showcase their solutions to teams working on similar initiatives. VISION members search the showcase for commercial products and services by keyword, technology type, and business classifications (such as veteran-owned business, etc). 

The VELOCITY Connector:

  • Allows companies to create a profile listing highlighting their area of expertise
  • Based on company focus, be listed as a collaboration opportunity for project initiatives
  • Enables VISION users to search based on the company’s focus areas
  • Updates and continuously checks with new projects and teams in real-time
  • VISION users have the opportunity to contact companies directly

“The possibilities for companies within the VELOCITY Connector are limitless, and we will do everything attainable to connect the most innovative companies and
accelerate change.” – Jade Baranski, CEO

Learn More About VELOCITY Company Connector:

Mobilize Contact Information:

Jade Baranski, CEO, 503-960-0468